Today's Musings...Perfectionism Again!

Here are my thoughts captured in a moment I had to myself as I mused on teaching, speaking, and perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a lack of trust and a refusal to let go of your own strength. If I can't say everything I want to say or write and I refuse to write it (because I can't write it the way I want to write it) or I end up forcing it all in, then I am not trusting God that He is enough, that He is sovereign, and that He doesn't need me. I am buying into the lie that I am smarter, wiser, and more important than God and the parameters He put in my life. If He only gives me so long to speak or so much space to write, I got to trust that it was all I needed and is a safety for me and the people I am endeavoring to minister to and that they are His words--not mine--and He can speak whatever He wants to speak to His people.


To Shame

To Shame

How grateful I am for the cross.
Freedom so grand
Purchased at great cost.

Freedom not to purposefully sin,
But freedom from fears grip
Of stumbling again.

Should I stumble again,
I know that I am free
To look shame in the face,
And proclaim “Jesus makes me clean.”

Therefore, in my life you have no place:
To bind my feet
To bind my hands
To bind my lips
Paralyzing me
From the fullness of life
Lovingly given from He.

Who in my place,
The perfect one,
Bore all the wrath
I had won.

The condemnation, the guilt,
The shame was mine.
His righteousness He exchanged
Out of love divine.

The purchased rights to my life
No longer mine.
My feet, hands and lips
A new master they find.

Your accusations of guilt
Can no longer come to me,
But must be answered
By He that redeemed.

To you, I assure you
He’ll simply reply,
The debt has been paid.
This beloved one is mine.